2018 Chevy Suburban – Our First Vehicle

2018 Chevy Suburban image

2018 Chevy Suburban

2018 Chevy Suburban – This is the first vehicle in our fleet for our black car limo service. This is a comfortable suv and can seat up to 6 people for short rides like from the Indianapolis International Airport to downtown hotels.

This is also excellent for the longer rides that we offer, such as from Indianapolis to Chicago, Illinois or Nashville, Tennessee. The 2018 Chevy Suburban is roomy with plenty of space so that you will ride in comfort. It also has massive storage space for all of your luggage. In addition to short rides from the Indianapolis area to the Indianapolis International Airport, this vehicle can serve to take you all the way across the country and beyond; and yes, we have drivers that are willing to take very long hourly rides, including overnight trips wherever you want to go.

We chose this 2018 Chevy Suburban as the first vehicle in our fleet because we can use it for one to six passengers and in a pinch, it can serve as an alternative to having a sedan.

Safety and Visibility

Because of the way this vehicle is built and because of its overall size, the 2018 Chevy Suburban is one of the safer vehicles on the road. It is easy to see this large SUV on the highway and it is also easier to spot in a parking lot when you are looking for the car that is picking you up.

In High Demand

Large Sport Utility Vehicles, or S.U.V.’s like this one are in high demand. There simply aren’t enough of them available. We were fortunate to locate this 2018 Chevy Suburban at Wetzel Honda in Richmond, Indiana.

Relax while we take you where you need to go. Or get some work done while you travel. We always have water on board for you and can accommodate your other needs as we are a full-service company.

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